We visited NYC *again* last month, but for only four days. And while I didn’t squeeze out too many stellar shots, I sure made it a mission to shoot plenty in the subway.

I have a thing for grungy, grimy, dirty and humid environments, and the underground of NYC exceeded expectations. How are mice on the tracks for grungy? How about the rats chasing the mice for just plain dirty? Top that off with some sweaty cockroaches and you have a date with a camera. Yes sir.

Anyway, I feel rather happy with the shots. One thing’s for certain: pointing an SLR this-way-and-that on the NYC metro never gets a second glance. I love that people in this city are too preoccupied to care :)

I’ll forever remember this first shot:

Me to polite girl: “Wonder why I always see halos of light with motion-blurred shots?”

Polite girl: “Because light flickers at a frequency out of the range of human vision.”

Thanks for reading!