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More to love with a point-and-shoot!

So all you have is a point-and-shoot camera? Cry me a river.

The Abyss

Well aware of today’s inclement weather, I’ve headed out with a friend to traverse some streets and see what we can see – this time armed with only my Fujifilm FinePix Z5fd instead of a bloated dSLR. Lo-and-behold, the limitations present in the totally automatic FinePix made for a fun exercise in the visual senses.

I’m an advocate of the less-is-more adage and so always head out the door with only a single lens attached to my D300; carrying anything more gives me an excuse to be too playful when faced with a subject instead of honing my eye and forcing myself to be more creative when I’m locked-in with a single lens. This doesn’t ring any more true than with a point-and-shoot.

Say Hello to my Little Friend

I’m not claiming to be a good photographer by any stretch (“…just a man with a cam…”), but carrying a basic, no-frills camera lets you see more, period. I think this is why people are fascinated with LOMOs, Holgas and plastic toy cameras…not for what they offer, but for what they take away; you’re forced to be more creative to get an intriguing shot.

My Z5 is so limiting in fact, that I have no creative control over shutter speed, aperture or exposure, thereby really forcing out some creative juices :)  Oh, it’s only 5 megapixel and shoots only JPEGs, too, which means smaller pictures that are quicker to process. Woohoo!

Not that all these pics are fantastic, but they certainly present a different take on subjects that I would otherwise pass up when armed with my D300.

Please click each image to view larger.


Shrouded in Secrecy
The Long Ride Up


The Year Of...

No Drinks Allowed


Thanks for reading!

Who Would’ve Thought?

So anytime I find myself in a speeding car traversing an empty tunnel, I’m always willing to stick out the camera for a shot or two. I’ve done this before and no, I’m not the one behind the wheel ;)

Traffic Ticket

We were pulled over immediately after snapping the above and my friend driving the car, Youkie, was handed a nasty ticket. But for what?

a) Speeding.

b) Hanging my camera out the window.

c) Driving in the wrong lane.

d) Indecent exposure.

I had butterflies in my stomache fearing I’ve caused the ticket with my camera, but the correct answer is c. Apparently you can’t drive in the right-most lane (the “passing” lane) when passing through a tunnel in Japan. Who knew.


So I’ve just come back from Japan with a corrupt CF card containing hundreds of pictures of Mt. Fuji.

What happened?

After shooting for a day close to Mt. Fuji, I was eager to process and upload some shots to Flickr. I was too hasty and, not being able to locate a USB key to save the shot to in order to upload from an Internet-ready PC, I saved the shot back to the CF card while it was still in my D300 connected to my laptop. I was able to upload a single shot but was unable to access the card afterward.

The card was initially formatted in-camera, the shots were taken, and I saved the aforementioned picture back to it while in Adobe Lightroom, which I suspect is the problem. Reading the camera’s card on a computer is OK, but now I’ve learned never to copy files back to it. Corruption from writing “cross-platform” like this to a Nikon-formatted CF card is probably a rare occurrence though I certainly won’t make the same mistake again.

A friend hooked me up with some recovery software which I’ve yet to try. Keeping my fingers crossed :)